Pineyro Nelson
UFO/LFY genes and the evolution of flower morphology
Currently: Professor Metropolitan Autonomous University

PhD Instituto de Ecología, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México



Alma successfully defended her PhD dissertation entitled “From molecular mechanisms to morphogenesis, development and evolution: the case of the homeotic flower of  Lacandonia schismatica"  in January 2013 and has joined the Specht Lab to continue work on developmental evolution in moncot flowers.  Alma is particularly interested in the LFY/UFO genes, and will continue working with Triuridaceae in addition to Zingiberales and other monocot systems in order to develop a comparative approach to understand their roles in floral developmental evolution.  Alma has also worked extensively with transgenes and their ecological consequences, and continues to be active in the investigation of the impact of transgenic plants on their surrounding natural ecosystems.


Select Recent Publications:

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