Elena's PMB Seminar, this Wednesday


Regulatory Networks of Stem-cell Niche Patterning in Arabidopsis Roots: Molecular, Genetic and Modeling Approaches


Elena Alvarez-Buylla
Visiting Miller Professor in the Specht Lab
Professor, Lab of Molecular Genetics, Development and Evolution of Plants
Institute of Ecology, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico

PMB Seminar - Wednesday 5/8 - Noon - Barker Hall

Hosted by Chelsea Specht
Elena Alvarez-Buylla is an expert in molecular genetics  and an environmentist and activist from Mexico . She is also coordinator of the Laboratory of Molecular Genetics of Development and Evolution of Plants, Institute of Ecology at the UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico). Elena Alvarez-Buylla is notable for the number of awards that have been granted, and publications in which she has collaborated or manuscripts sent for publication.
Alvarez-Buylla is very interested in gaining a deeper and more technical view of dynamic non-linear models that may be useful tools for understanding how genetic variation maps onto phenotypic variation. She is a biologist by training and plants have always been the main source of inspiration in her scientific career, and she has also acquired computational tools that she has applied to different biological areas. Her experimental work focuses on Arabidopsis and Lacandonia schismatica and the main molecular focus is around MADS box genes.