Katharine was recruited to the Specht lab by Heather Driscoll, who discovered her volunteering in the Herbarium  After two years working first with Heather and later with Tanya Renner and Stacy Shen on marker development for phylogenetics in Costaceae, Katharine switched to mosses and worked extensively with graduate student Stephen Yee.  Kat completed her honors thesis investigating the evolution of VEF genes in Physcomitrella.  She also was our moss ID expert, applying skills in moss taxonomy to the identification of samples for VEF evolution studies.  Kat also spent loads of time in the hood and at the microscope, helping to generate mutant gametophytes 

and characterize their mutant phenotypes. Its quite possible that there were weeks that Kat spent more time physically at the research bench than anyone else in the lab!

Kat recently accepted a technician position at UCSF in a lab studying developmental biology and cancer.  She plans on attending grad school for developmental genetics.

Major: Genetics and Plant Biology (GPB 2014)