SPUR - GPB Honor's Degree 2016
Lynn joined the lab in Fall 2014 and worked with Stephen Yee on the genetics behind gametophyte/sporophyte dominance. Lynn developed a fascination for plants after reevaluating her personal relationships with the food she eats and the planet she lives on.
Lynn received a prestigious SURF Rose Hill fellowship to continue her research in the lab during Summer 2015.  She completed her Honor's degree as a SPUR student AY 2015-2016, characterizing the function of the three copies of EMF2 genes in Physomitrella patens during gametophyte development by investigating phenotypic differences in knock-out mutants of the three copies (EMF2-1, EMF2-2, EMF2-3).  She also invented the "spork analogy" for gene duplication.
Major: Genetics & Plant Biology 2016