Lynn Ly named 2015 SURF Rose Hill Fellow!

Lynn Ly, a member of the Specht Lab since 2014, was named a SURF Rose Hill Fellow as part of their STEM program on campus.  The fellowship provides Lynn with the opportunity to continue her research in the lab over the summer as a paid fellowship.  Lynn is working with graduate student Stephen Yee on characterizing the role of EMF2 genes in the moss Physcomitrella patens.  Lynn is characterizing single, double, and triple mutants of the three EMF2 genes in P. patens, which she helped to generate using protoplast transformation methods developed in the lab. This summer, Lynn will characterize the phenotypes of these mutants, with the goal of gaining insights as to how gene duplication can lead to protein evolution and diversification of gene networks.  Lynn will continue to work on this project and others as she develops her senior thesis in the lab during the AY2015-16.


Congratulations to Lynn, and to Stephen for his fantastic mentoring.  Stephen may be the only graduate student on campus to have mentored two SURF Rose Hill Fellows, demonstrating his prowess at attracting fantastic graduate students and advising them through the process of writing their research proposals for the fellowship.  Former SURF Rose Hill Fellow Jared Nathanson (MCB) graduated in 2013 and worked with Stephen on characterizing copy number of VEF-domain containing proteins across diverse lineages of moss.