Floral Symmetry and its evolution in the Zingiberales
URAP - MCB Honor's Degree 2016

Michelle is getting her BA in Public Health from the College of Letters and Science.  She joined the Specht Lab an already accomplished scientist, having worked as a research and epidemiology intern with both the City of Berkeley Public Heath Department and with Dr. Jianguo Wu at Wuhan University, China.  Her research on hand, foot and mouth disease in China has been published in PLoS ONE with Michelle as the first author!

Liu, M. Y., Liu, W., Luo, J., Liu, Y., Zhu, Y., Berman, H. and Wu, J. Characterization of an outbreak of hand, foot, and mouth disease in Nanchang, China in 2010. PLoS One, September 2011, Volume 6, Issue 9, e25287.

Michelle was a 2012 Regents’ and Chancellor’s Scholar (UC Berkeley) and a 2011 Regional Finalist for the Young Epidemiology Scholars Competition.  She speaks Mandarin and Spanish, and - at least according to Riva - she can dissect a flower in record time with beauty and precision.  Michelle became interested in doing research in plant biology following her experience in Bio1B, where she had Michael Christiansen as her Lab Instructor.  She is working with Graduate Student Riva Bruenn on the evolution of floral symmetry in the Zingiberales.