Arbor Moving Ahead

Our understanding of the tree of life is improving dramatically in the era of big data. We now have available large-scale phylogenies and massive amounts of character and distributional data (e.g. phenotypic traits; species occurrence data; gene interactions). These resources together provide researchers with a unique opportunity to investigate processes that drive biological diversification at very broad phylogenetic scales. This growing forest of trees promises to revolutionize our understanding of evolution, but data is not the same thing as information; we need to carry out analyses on these trees so that we can learn about evolutionary processes.

Arbor will bring comparative biology into the age of big data. This software will be an extendable platform for analyzing and visualizing evolutionary processes across the tree of life.  Arbor will provide an integrated modeling framework that will enable researchers to answer evolutionary questions using very large phylogenetic trees and diverse types of data. The goal of Arbor workflows is to provide biologists with an immediate and intuitive interface for testing evolutionary questions across the tree of life and to enable them to communicate their findings to scientific and general audiences.
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