Rausser College EXCOM and Student-Faculty Relations Committee 

20-2021 Members


Faculty Executive Committee (EXCOM)

Marc Hellerstein, NST, Excom Chair
Jill Banfield, ESPM
Stephanie Carlson, ESPM
Marco Gonzalez-Navarro, ARE
Maggi Kelly, ESPM
Lara Kueppers, ERG
Kris Niyogi, PMB
Kathleen Ryan, PMB
Neil Tsutsui, ESPM

Student-Faculty Relations Committee 

EXCOM's Rausser College Faculty/Student Relations Committee includes graduate and undergraduate student representatives nominated by fellow students from every department and program in the College. 2020-21 members: 

Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics

  • Jeremy Magruder, faculty
  • Matthew Tarduno, graduate student
  • Susie Warner, undergraduate student

Energy and Resources Group

  • Duncan Callaway, faculty
  • Anaya Hall, graduate student

Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management

  • Ron Amundson, faculty
  • Rosalie Fanshel, graduate student
  • Rohith A. Moolakatt, undergraduate student
  • Varsha Madapoosi, undergraduate student

Department of Nutritional Sciences and Toxicology

  • Wally Wang, faculty
  • Flor Alicia Gowans, graduate student
  • Erin Marie Dougherty, undergraduate student

Department of Plant and Microbial Biology

  • Tasios Melis, faculty
  • Colin Barber, graduate student
  • Jett Liu, undergraduate student


  • Satchi Thockchom, undergraduate student