Welcome to the Specht Lab!

Tropical Ginger

The Specht Lab focuses on studies in Plant form and function. 
We use traditional morphological and developmental techniques combined with molecular genetics, comparative genomics and evolutionary biology to study the natural diversity of plants and to help better understand the forces creating and sustaining this diversity.  Our research incorporates elements of systematics, developmental genetics and molecular evolution to study the patterns and processes associated with plant speciation and diversification.  We are part of the Berkeley Natural History Museums (including the UC/Jepson Herbaria and the UC Botanical Garden) and take advantage of living and preserved collections to advance our research in plant systematics, biogeography, and developmental evolution.

Welcome Riva!!

After completing her first year, Riva decided to join the Specht Lab!


Congratulations to our 2013 Graduates!! Ana Almeida (PhD in Plant Biology) and undergraduates Kelsie Moroika (GPB), Jared Nathanson (MCB), Colin Hill (MCB), Miranda Sun (MCB).

Susan Hepp passes her qualifying exam!

Congratulations to Susan Hepp, who passed her qualifying exam on 2 May. She will now continue her research on the evolution of endogenous plant viruses. Way to go, Susan!!!

Elena's PMB Seminar, this Wednesday


TEAM MOSS goes wild!

Graduate student Stephen Yee and his adventurous undergraduates, Jared Nathanson and Katharine Yu, join local moss expert Jim Shevock for a collecting trip at the Marin Watershed. Found? mosses, liverworts and hornworts!!!

Canna and petaloidy in AoB PLANTS

Graduate student Ana Almeida and undergraduate SPUR-funded student Andrew Brown publish their manuscript: Tracking the Development of the Petaloid Fertile Stamen in Canna indica: Insights into the origin of androecial petaloidy in the Zingiberales. Click on "read more" for a link to the early access release!

Nolina population genetics published in the Journal of Biogeography

Publication in the Journal of Biogeography by Dr. Eduardo Ruiz-Sanchez, former UC MEXUS postdoc in the Specht Lab and currently Researcher in Plant Systematics at INECOL.

Shayla leaves for Harvard, visits Tanya

Shayla Salzman, GPB 2012 and former Research Associate, moves to Harvard.

Ana Almeida participates in EvoDevo symposium

Graduate Student Ana Almeida was invited to be an Assistant Professor for an Evo-Devo short course held at Federal University of Bahia (Brasil)

Visiting Miller Professor Elena Alvarez-Buylla

Dra. Elena Alvarez-Bullya
Visiting Miller Professor Dra. Elena Alvarez-Bullya, expert in the evolution of gene regulatory networks, is collaborating with the Specht lab in various aspects of monocot floral development


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