Welcome to the Specht Lab!

Tropical Ginger

The Specht Lab focuses on studies in Plant form and function. 
We use traditional morphological and developmental techniques combined with molecular genetics, comparative genomics and evolutionary biology to study the natural diversity of plants and to help better understand the forces creating and sustaining this diversity.  Our research incorporates elements of systematics, developmental genetics and molecular evolution to study the patterns and processes associated with plant speciation and diversification.  We are part of the Berkeley Natural History Museums (including the UC/Jepson Herbaria and the UC Botanical Garden) and take advantage of living and preserved collections to advance our research in plant systematics, biogeography, and developmental evolution.

Arbor Moving Ahead

The Specht lab is part of the NSF-funded AVAToL (Assembling Analyzing and Visualizing the Tree of Life) Initiative : ARBOR

Jared Nathanson receives SURF/Rose Hill Award

Jared, an MCB major working with graduate student Stephen Yee, received a prestigious SURF/Rose Hill fellowship for Summer 2012

2012 Ernst Mayr symposium

Ana Almeida selected to compete for the 2012 Ernst Mayr award from the Society of Systematic Biologists


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