Gracie Martin

Gracie Benson-Martin was an undergraduate research in the lab for three years, working variously on phylogenetics of Costus and Heliconia and assisting with general lab phylogenetic projects.  She graduated in 2011 and continued working with the Specht Lab and the Smithsonian Institution's Natural History Museum (Department of Botany) working on a monograph for Heliconia, specifically focusing on GIS and generating distribution maps and morphological discriptions for all species in the genus.

Gracie returned to the lab as a Graduate Student and completed two projects: one on initiating studies of population genetics in the california native Calochortus venustus, and the other continuing her work on Heliconia and specifically studying phylogenetic signal of various floral traits.  Gracie completed her masters in Spring 2015 and is now working as a researcher for the USDA in Albany CA.