Currently: Graduate Student with Veronica DiStilio, University of Washington

Kelsie came to the lab with extensive experience in plant pathology from previous undergraduate research experience in the Staskawicz lab.  She spent the summer of 2011 spearheading an effort to extract RNA from various whorls of Canna and Musa for a miRNA next-gen sequencing. After working on the development of VIGS for studying flower development under the supervision of Dr. Roxana Yockteng and graduate student Ana Almeida, Kelsie developed a Student Initiated SPUR project investigating the role of the YABBY-like genes in the development of petaloid staminodes and the evolution of petaloidy in the stamen whorl of the Zingiberales.

  She graduated in 2013 and continued this work as a research assistant in the lab, resulting in a 2015 publication in Frontiers (in review).

In Fall 2015, Kelsie left for graduate student at the University of Washington to complete her PhD with Veronica DiStilio studying evodevo of wind pollination in Thallictrum.


Major: Genetics and Plant Biology (GPB 2013)