riva bruenn
Berkeley Fellow; Vlamis Research Fellow

Riva received her undergraduate degree from Oberlin College where she worked in the lab of Dr. Michael Moore, studying phylogenetics and systematics.  She then moved to Penn State University to work as a technician with Dr. Claude DePamphilis on the floral genome project, developing transcriptomes and genome libraries for gymnosperms and parasitic plants.  Riva is passionate about plant evolutionary biology and plans to complete her dissertation research on the role of gene regulatory networks in the evolution of floral development, particularly focusing on the TCP genes and floral symmetry in the Zingiberales.  

Riva received Honorable Mention for her 2012 NSF Graduate Reseach Fellowship proposal and has received travel awards to the Botany meetings from the Development and Structure section.  In addition to her academic persuits, Riva has volunteers as a scientist/mentor for Planting Science (plantingscience.org) and BASIS and is dedicated to the advancement of women in science.  She was also a camp counselor in New York State, a Big Sister here in the bay area, and she loves nature, hiking and being outdoors.

Riva hails from Buffalo, NY.  She received a Berkeley Fellowship and entered the graduate program in Plant Biology in Fall 2012.  She graduated in 2017 with a PhD in Plant Biology, having completed excellent research on the evolution of Zygomorphy and incorporated education materials for teaching tree-thinking and evolutionary concepts using ArborEd.