Shayla Salzman

Shayla Salzman
Research Assistant & Lab Manager
Currently: Graduate Student at Harvard University


Shayla joined the lab in Spring 2011 as an undergraduate in Genetics and Plant Biology.  She came to the lab with years of experience in organic farming and in applied entomology and water quality research.  After a year in the lab learning techniques in RNA and DNA extraction, PCR and sequencing, Shayla developed her honors thesis project on thermogenesis in Macrozamia (Cycadales) and is currently writing up that research for publication in collaboration with Dr. Irene Terry (University of Utah).  
Having graduated with Honors in May 2012, Shalya continued in the lab as Manager and Research Associate, working on various lab projects including phylogenetics of Costaceae in collaboration with visiting graduate student Thiago Andre.  She also, together with Roxana Yockteng, obtained transcriptome data from Macrozamia cones and is working on analyzing these data to investigate gene expression during thermogenesis.  
Shayla is currently at Harvard University working in the lab of Dr. Naomi Pierce (Organismic and Evolutionary Biology)