Currently: Professor of Botany at the Federal University of Santarém


Thiago was a visiting graduate student in the lab Aug 2012-2013.  As a graduate student in the Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology program at the Insituto de Biologia, UF Rio de Janeiro Brasil, his PhD work is focused on understanding the evolution of the genus Chamaecostus (Costaceae) at the species and population level. While visiting our lab he generated NGS data using a PCR-based capture approach for 15 populations found throughout the amazon basin and cerrado of Brasil.  He presented preliminary results of this work at the MonocotsV conference in Fordham, NY while also generating a morphometric dataset for all Chamaecostus and assisting with an all-Costaceae phylogeny focusing on Neotropical Costus (Salzman et al. 2014).  In 2014, Thaigo and his wife Amanda both obtained tenure-track positions at the Federal University of Santarém; Thiago in Botany and Amanda teaching watershed management. We hope they BOTH come back to visit us, soon and often!!!  And of course we want to go visit them -- How about a Specht Lab reunion on the white sand beaches of the Tapajos???

Thi is shown here holding perhaps the most beautiful plant ever, Chamaecostus subsessilis.