Will Iles completed his PhD with Sean Graham at the University of British Columbia. His thesis covered the phylogenetics and evolution of several different angiosperm groups linked by an aquatic habit. These included: Hydatellaceae, a family of minute ephemeral aquatics with usual floral morphologies; Alismatales, an order of mostly aquatic monocots, several members of which have convergently lost the plastid NADH complex; and a molecular dating study of monocots as a whole. Following his PhD and a short post doc with Dr Graham, Will spent a summer with Arne Mooers at Simon Fraser University working on linking phylogenetically isolated taxa with island age—a notion that goes back to Wallace and relicts on continental islands. Will joined the Specht lab as a post doc in the fall of 2014 to integrate morphological and age data for fossil and living species of Zingiberales with phylogenomic data to create a coherent understanding of the ginger order’s evolution and diversification.


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Website: http://williles.wordpress.com/